About the Artist

Laura Lima San Diego Artist

I grew up in a small logging town in the Pacific Northwest, my father worked in the woods and later at local mills. My mother took care of the five of us while my father worked long days to care for our large family. I've loved drawing all my life. I remember creating my first sketch book when I was in 3rd grade, studying all the beautiful flowers along the Washington coast. At age 10, I sold my first painting of a Blue Heron ($10!!); I was hooked. Life started to get in the way of my passion to create and I was steered into "practical" jobs for over 20 years, never able to stay long at each new job. From a Swimming Instructor, to a Window Painter, a Janitor, a Carpenter, a Barista, a Waitress, a Correctional Guard and finally an Executive Assistant to a CEO. All those jobs taught me valuable lessons and introduced me to some amazing people but I've always struggled finding the energy for art and work, and in full transparency, never thought I had the talent. During the start of the pandemic I started trying to develop my art skills again and decided to cut down to part time to pursue a career in the art world.

Erik and Laura Lima Wedding Photo Ocean Shores Wa

I'm fortunate to have an amazing husband that's an incredibly talented elementary school teacher and this allows me to work part time in order to pursue my passion.

I'm not a naturally confident person, didn't show my art to the public until recently, so I truly hope you find joy and inspiration in my creations. I tend to love so many things, so my challenge will be focusing on a few ideas at a time. Whimsical animal paintings and abstract portraits are my current passions. Learning new techniques and styles are a must for me, so my art will be a variety show. To keep inspired and challenged, I do commissioned murals, original paintings and digital illustrations/paintings. Contact me if you're looking for something custom. 

Oh and I'm mildly obsessed with painting my dog, Tina Lima, so there will be a lot of her.

Hope you enjoy the artwork,

Laura Lima (and Tina)